HIV is much like Diabetes.


Imagine HIV as diabetes. People aren't falling over dead in the streets from diabetes. Diabetics aren't evil or cursed or any different from you or me. It's a manageable disease. Just like HIV. Both diseases require an early diagnosis and important lifestyle changes. Diabetics have to monitor their blood sugar levels frequently and apart from maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, they live relatively normal, full lives.

HIV is just like that. Aside from maintaining a strong immune system with a healthy lifestyle, careful practices (especially with sex, which is still possible) and ARV drugs, HIV has very little effect on day to day life. HIV positive people are able to live long, productive and full lives. ARVs, like insulin, can maintain HIV at a reduced and less harmful state, delaying the destruction of the immune system and the transition to AIDS.

But like diabetes, if you have it and ignore it, something manageable and slightly obnoxious can become malignant and deadly. It's just something you have to concern yourself with. If you take the time to keep yourself healthy and maintain your immune system, you will not have to worry about AIDS. On the other hand, if you let the virus destroy your immune system from ignorance or carelessness, any infection or disease could turn deadly. Find out. You'll live on.