Safer Sex

Non-penetrative Sex Where you simulate having sex using your thighs, or other body parts, masturbation, mutual masturbation, cybersex, phone sex, and sharing fantasies are no-risk safer sex activities. Low-risk safer sex includes kissing, fondling, body-to-body rubbing, and sex toys.

Taking an antibiotic before unprotected sex does not prevent the spread of HIV. You are still infectious when on ARVS. While it reduces the amount of HIV in your bloodstream, a small amount is still present and infectious, and safe sex should be practiced at all times.

The ABCs of safe practices

  • Abstinence
  • Be faithful (observing a mutually monogamous relationship)
  • Careful Sex (no exchange of body fluids through use of a condom)
  • Don't share needles
  • Educate yourself and your friends

Safer sex does not always mean having sex with only negative people. There are many other ways to stay negative than only have negative partners. While you have the right to choose whom you sleep with, and to only have negative partners, your behavior will affect others, sometimes with harmful consequences. If people believe that being positive will bring them discrimination, they may resist testing or lie, and spread the infection to others or ignore their own health, which is compromised enough as it is. And you can't even be sure if someone's negative or not, even if they tell you they are. Safer sex or abstinence are the only ways to prevent HIV infection, and you should insist on safe sex, regardless of your or your partner's status, to protect yourself. And if you don't know your own status because you've never been tested or its been a while, don't lie and say you're negative; admit that you haven't been tested recently, and try to get tested.


Condoms are the most effective way to prevent HIV transmission during sexual intercourse. If used correctly and consistently for every sexual contact, they can prevent HIV transmission 85% of the time. Condoms are worn on the penis during sex or, for female condoms, in the vagina or anus. They prevent HIV infected pre-cum and semen from entering your sex partner. They also have many other advantages. Condoms can help relieve premature ejaculation, help a man stay erect longer and can be put on as a part of sex play. The most important benefit of condoms is that they provide a substantive sense of security: you can enjoy sex without worrying about contracting or sharing HIV or another sexually transmitted infection.