About Us

Find Out Live On is about education on and prevention of HIV & AIDS. This site aims to increase the accessibility of information and resources on HIV & AIDS in order to promote HIV education, safer sex practices, and the importance of HIV testing. We want to provide resources for both sides of HIV - what you should know, and how to live on. When the idea for this project was conceived, it started with two goals: give people the knowledge and give people hope. With this project we wanted people to find out what they needed to know about HIV and to learn that they can and will live on. That HIV will not define them or the rest of their lives.

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Erin Hancock

Is a 16-year-old student from Los Angeles, California. She loves traveling the world and has found it exciting and beautiful. For the summer she's in the Philippines trying to put a dent in HIV & AIDS, especially where it affects the youth. With this web resource she hopes to keep HIV in the minds of as many people as possible to keep them safe and knowledgeable of HIV and their status. In Find Out Live On, she directs the creation of content and works to make the site as good as possible.

Suggestions may be sent to her email: erin.hancock@findoutliveon.org.

Daniel Barlam

He is an 18 year old student attending Venice High School in Los Angeles, California. Venice High school is an international studies and language magnet school focusing on foreign countries. He is one of three who writes and edits content on the site. He is highly motivated to find the resources and to improve the site as much as possible to ensure that the viewers experience will be enriched with lots of useful information.

Danny Cabidog

He has been in health services and development programs from several Non- Government Organizations working with HIV and AIDS. His vast experience and participation in various conferences, fora and symposia has contributed greatly to the success of the projects he has worked on. Currently, Mr. Cabidog works as part of the team on the Find Out Live On project and continues to do advocacy work for HIV and AIDS programs in the Philippines.

Christopher Hancock

Christopher has lead the business aspects of the project. He has focused on timelines, deployments issues and attempted to refine the constituency, philosophy and tone of the organization. He utilized his knowledge, connections, and resources to create a forum about a topic that is considered frightening, private, and even taboo to the Filipino community. He and his team developed the site to try to bridge the gap between the academic community and the Philippine people who this effort is designed to empower and serve.

RightSize Business Systems, Inc

Is the IT consulting company behind the development of www.FindOutLiveOn.com. They design, develop, and implement innovative e-business, work-flow, and mobile solutions. RBS is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with the Philippine office serving as the place that develops websites, custom software services, and a Customer Relations Management (CRM) software that are used by clients of various industries. As seen on the site, RBS fosters a culture of innovation and creativity that helps build and sustain lasting relationships with clients.

For any questions, please send an email to christopher.hancock@rightsize.com