How much do you know about HIV & AIDS?

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What you need to know about HIV & AIDS. Learn how it is transferred, how to protect yourself, how to practice safer sex, why you should get an HIV test, and how to get one. The information in these pages will explain basic HIV 101 and will give you an idea on how to protect yourself and take a HIV test. This page will also walk you through the process of getting tested, from deciding to take the test, to where to find a clinic, to what to expect in the clinic, to what the results will look like. Our goal for this section is to educate as many people as we can about HIV and AIDS. By doing so we believe that many will take an HIV test and actively try to reduce their risk of getting infected.

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Live On

What happens after you're positive and how to live on. This section goes from the moment that you receive a positive result through the emotional and medical process that follows. It discusses how to handle the news, who to tell, where to find counseling and support groups, what you can expect in the future, describes ARV treatment, and other important changes in your life. The information here will give you an idea what to expect if you're positive and give you information to help you live with HIV. In this section we aim to reveal the truth about HIV that is hidden behind the severity and the stigma surrounding the disease. The truth is that HIV is a manageable disease and HIV positive individuals can live full lives.

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